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Important - All Pilots please read....updated

FSAirlines tracking client Version 2.2.1 is now a stable release. It includes Penalty changes. 

Low altitude: When you are more than 5 nm from your departure or destination airport you must be above 500 ft ALG and at some point in the flight you must be above 500 feet regardless how far you are from the airports. There is two minute delay before the penalty is applied.

Hard Landings: Your vertical speed on landing must be below 500 ft/min, A 10% margin of error before the penalty applies so now the actual threshold is 550 ft/min compared to 500 ft/min in the beta.

Pilots are remained to check hull status before commencing a flight and again after landing to ensure the plane is still fit for further flight. That is, have a hull status of at least 96%

High Speed below FL100: When flying below 10,000 ft you speed needs to be below 250 kn. There is a one minute delay before the penalty is applied. If you aircraft is marked as a heavy jet then the limit for the first 15 minutes is 300 kn. In addition you can press the 'high speed approved' button and then they penalty will be ignored, but to be fair to those who are following the rules, your rating will be reduced by 5%, but its not a 'penalty'.

Navigation Lights: Penalty removed. 

Parking Brake: Penalty removed.

When release candidate is 'released' to the public all penalties that pilots received while using the beta client except for 'crashed' will be deleted, since that penalty was not changed from previous client version 2.1. 

Comments or issues?  Please start a discussion in Forums.

Thank you RED Admin

RED Virtual Airlines - Pilot Survey... updated

Due to other pressures, this survey will be distributed in early January 2019.

In early December, all active RED Pilots will receive a link to a RED Airlines Feedback Survey via a free web-app called Survey Monkey.  The anonymous Survey comprises 10 simple and mainly tick box questions regarding your flight sim experience and interests. It also seeks direct feedback on RED as it is currently and how you might like it to be in the future. 

The Survey results will be collated and published on the RED web page. No individual will be identified. 

The Survey results will be used to either, validate current RED services or to introduce alternatives requested by you, our Pilots. Put simply, if we do not understand Pilots likes and dislikes then we cannot address any areas of concern or promote things that people like.

The Survey will take less 4 minutes to complete, about the same time as announcing the safety features of an air plane!  

A further announcement will be made closer to release of the link.

Fokker 100
Leonora Airport
Pictures by fackprod

This picture was taken on 18 November 2018 on the tarmac at Leonora Airport (YLEO), as the scorching West Australian Goldfields sun sets on another 40 degree day. The Fokker 100 belonging to Skippers Aviation a regular visitor between the mining towns of Laverton, Leonora (Gwalia) and Perth. However this charter flight brought dignitaries, people with links to the Ghost Town of Gwalia and tourists to a weekend of festivities to celebrate the opening of the revamped Sons of Gwalia goldmine museum and its buildings.  

The history of the development of Leonora Airport is somewhat sketchy. Gravel runways 12/30, 3740 ft was used by the Royal Flying Doctor service at least back to the 1950s. A lighted asphalt runway 04/22 of 6621 ft is now the main runway. While both runways are reflected in FSX, 04/22 is not lighted nor painted. Similarly FSX does not reflect the upgraded terminal building added in 1997. 

Famous mine Manager

Herbert Clark Hoover (August 10, 1874 – October 20, 1964) was an American geologist and mining engineer who had worked at several mines in Western Australia before he was appointed Mining Superintendent (manager) of the Sons of Gwalia Mine from 1 May 1898.

Herbert Hoover was later elected the 31st president of the United States of America, serving from 4 March 1929 to 4 March 1933.

Article reproduced from various publicly available websites - see hyperlinks.

Boeing 737 Fun Quiz

  • In which year did the Boeing 737 first enter service?
February 1968
  • Is it true that the  Boeing 737 is the best-selling commercial jetliner of all time?
  • Approximately how many miles of wire are there in a Boeing 737-800?
 40.5 miles

Pilot Ranking System

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                                         Monthly Pilot Award

  Pilot Bonus Award 

The top three pilots by flight! According to the monthly flight report will have their flights multiplied by their miles flown. The pilot with the highest calculated number will be awarded the pilot bonus award for the next month. The bonus is 60% of VA income Per flight and Home page status for the month.

  Bonus Awarded To..

   Alistair McRobert

 Month : November

 flights :  18

 Miles   :  46,482

 Score   :   836,676

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