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Pilot Survey - faltering

Despite the best intentions, it has not been possible to secure any real traction from our current member base to progress any of the initiatives collected from our Pilots Survey conducted in January 2019. This is not a criticism of existing members, rather an acknowledgement that we are all busy in our private lives.

A small number of exchanges has occurred in a one-to-one context. The information shared has been appreciated and if any of these participants has the time to contribute to a tangible outcome this too will be appreciated. 


However, in the immediate term, Admin staff will continue to make decisions considered to be in the best interests of RED rather than in a more democratic and perhaps informed way. 

Our priority remains both the development of a new website and the attraction of new members. Unfortunately these are linked.

Ideas and comments always welcome.



RED BULL move to paper planes

here’s a new focus for Australia’s only Red Bull Air Race pilot Matt Hall this month, as the three-time world championship runner-up turns his attention to paper planes.

Hall, who most know as a pilot comfortable rocketing through race tracks all over the world at 370km/h, 30 feet above the water, will take his competitor hat off and put his judge’s hat on for the Red Bull Paper Wings competition.

Comprised of three components of distance, airtime and aerobatics, Hall will judge the aerobatic component, which is being held via social media platform Instagram. It is the world’s largest paper plane competition.

The victor of the Australian aerobatic competition will win a flight to Salzburg, Austria for the World Finals. There they will compete against the world’s best at Red Bull Hangar 7, a modern-day mecca of the aviation world.

But that isn’t all the Australian winner will receive.

Read the full story here.


RED-122 Beechcraft King Air 350 is currently parked at Lismore (YLIS).  It needs to be relocated to Sydney (YSSY).  Aircraft has 279 kg of fuel on board. 

However there are no direct routes. Options are to fly via Coffs Harbour (YSCH) or through Sunshine Coast (YBMC). 

Preference is to restrict fuel purchases to sufficient fuel for these flights only plus normal reserves.

Any available pilots should file standard flight plan through FSA.



3D Printing

Air New Zealand’s exploration of 3D technology for parts and tools has ratcheted up a notch after it successfully ordered a 3D bumper protector for seats from Singapore and had it made and installed in Los Angeles before a scheduled flight departure.

The first experiment of its kind in the aviation industry was a collaborative effort between the airline and US components and systems provider Moog, Singapore-based ST Engineering and Microsoft, Air New Zealand announced on Wednesday.

Aerospace technical, defence and engineering company, ST Engineering digitally sourced the part that protects seats in business premier class from damage when screen monitors are pushed into them.

It sent the digital part file to an approved 3D printer operated by Moog in Los Angeles. It was then installed within hours of a scheduled departure of an Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER.

Read the whole story here.

Pilot Ranking System

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                                         Monthly Pilot Award

  Pilot Bonus Award 

The top three pilots by flight! According to the monthly flight report will have their flights multiplied by their miles flown. The pilot with the highest calculated number will be awarded the pilot bonus award for the next month. The bonus is 60% of VA income Per flight and Home page status for the month.

  Bonus Awarded To..

   Robert Finlay

 Month : March

 flights :  21

 Miles   :  46,853

 Score   :   983,913

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