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Now your ready for your first flight.

Follow these instructions for your flight.


  1. Go to and log in to Red Australian Airlines.
  2. Go to the fleets page (there are multiple fleets ) and pick your Aircraft, or go the fleet&routes page of this site.
  3. View which Aircraft you wish to fly and take note of its location and Aircraft type.
  4. Go to your profile on fsairlines and buy yourself a ticket to the location that Aircraft is parked.
  5. Go to book flight on fsairlines and book your Aircraft to your destination of choice, choose carefully because cancelling flights costs your virtual dollars.
  6. If there is no booking for your desired route, request to Make a route. This may take time.
  7. Load your Flight Sim at the parked location at a gate with hand brake on, then make a flight plan in Flight Simulator. Work out your fuel needed.
  8. Open the tracking client, press fly and purchase fuel for your flight if needed.
  9. Press fly in the tracking client.
  10. Fly your route and park at the gate once you arrive at your destination.
  11. Put your park brakes on.
  12. Thats it. your done.

Explained in more detail below. (please read as the above is a short description)

  • Go to and log into RED Australian Airlines overview page, this should load by default when you log into the site.
  • Then press fleets, in this list you can see the aircraft we have and there status. If you see a red cross it is being flown or it is booked and you cant fly it. Pick one thats not in use.
  • Take note of the Aircraft type and its current parked location. Write it down.
  • Go to your profile and buy a ticket to the location that the Aircraft is parked, you need to be in the same location as the Aircraft to continue. Type in the Airport code and press continue, you will be imediatly put in that location. ( at a personal cost to you )VIrtual money only.

  • Press on book flight, see if there is already a flight that you would like to fly, check it has your aircraft on the list. your booking will cancel after 24hours, with no cost. If you cancel your booking it will be at cost to you , virtual money.
  • If your happy with this flight plan press the tick to accept and book that flight.
  • If you want to make a different flight plan go to the Make A Route link on this website and request your route, However this will probally take a little time, you can ask on teamspeak for your route to be added as well.


  • Now go back to book flight, and you should see some flight plans to choose from, remembering you have to be in the same location that the Aircraft is parked at.
  • Press the tick on the right hand side on the booking to select the booking.
  • Select your Aircraft and press continue.
  • From there go to view briefing document so you can check the details are correct.
  • You can also cancel your flight. but you will be charged money from your personal account. Virtual money only. Cargo flights exempted.
  • And you can also view the passenger list, for details on your passengers.
  • Check your flight is booked in the Flight monitor , you will see the Red logo.
  • Now you can load up your flight simulator at the gate of the Airport that your plan is located at. Make sure your parking brake is on.
  • Create a flight plan in Flight Simulator So you know how much fuel you will use and how long it will take you.
  • Then open up the FSairlines flight tracking client.
  • Log in and go to flight information and check the details are correct.
  • Then press fly!
  • This will bring you to the weight statistics of the aircraft. This is where you buy fuel if you need to. The fuel you buy here will fill up the plane in Flight Simulator, so make sure you put in a little extra to compensate for weather conditions and other circumstances. You should have already worked out how much fuel you will require.
  • If you are overweight you will need to reduce your weight in fuel or passangers or cargo.
  • Once you are sure you have enough fuel and you are not overweight, press Fuel up! Even if you dont purchase any fuel.
  • Take into account when purchasing fuel, that there may already be fuel onboard the aircraft fuel not used remains in the aircraft.


  • Now press Fly!
  • It will load, check it says you can start your flight now.
  • you are now ready to start your flight.
  • Just check your name has the yellow button next to it in the Red Australian Airlines overview. and also your flight is active in the flight  monitor , this means your flight is ready for tracking. You many need to refresh the page to bring the details up to date.
  • Dont forget if you refuel in flight you will loose your flight altogether.
  • Taxi to the runway and take off. You should get details in flight simulator of your flight state, if you dont see this somthing is wrong with your flight.
  • Fly your aircraft to the destination and land.
  • Taxi to the gate of the destination airport and apply your park brake.
  • The park brake will end your flight. And you will get details on your flight within the tracking client.
  • Maximise the tracking client and you will see it asking to write a comment. Its up to you if you want to write a comment.
  • Then press Next.  It may take time to load this.
  • You will get basic statistics on your flight. Keep pressing the next button throught to the final page then press End flight or next.
  • Your flight is finished, you can view your flight stats on the overview on FSairlines,and also on our site under the Flights page.
  • Also dont go over 30KTS whist taxing.

This is the Wiki instructions posted by

Flight plans:

  • Making a flight plan in FSX will ensure you have enough fuel for your flight. As well as how long it will take and the range of the flight, so you can check your aircraft will make it. 
  • Press the ALT key on your keyboard.
  • In the menu that appears at the top of your FS screen press Flights.
  • Then press flight planner.
  • Type in your departure and arrival Airport codes.
  • Select Find Route.
  • Then press Nav log.
  • At the top of this Navigation log it will tell you the distance, and estimated fuel burn.
  • Check it is within range of your aircraft and take note of the estimated fuel burn.
  • When you fuel your aircraft in the tracking client this is how much fuel you will need for your flight.
  • Remember to put more in that the estimate to allow for winds and other adjustments so you wont run out of fuel.


More information.

Make sure when your about to take off that you look on the current flights list via the flight monitor, for your flight to ensure it is being tracked. No point flying 10 hours for nothing. Just look for the RED logo.

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It looks hard, but it is really! easy to do, so give it a go HAPPY FLYING!

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