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Flying in RED Virtual Airlines.        

What is a Virtual Airline?

A Virtual Airline is a group of people that like flying with their flight simulator, and probably like to replicate flights just like they do in the real world, such as ascending to a altitude and going to a destination and landing at that destination just like a real flight would.

A Virtual Airline gives you that opportunity, and it also keeps a record of your flight as well as grading your landing and flight performance.

But here at Red we do more than just keep records, we will help you with flying and performance, we will give you free fleet paint jobs as well as a few free aircraft.

We have Discord so you can talk to us directly to save time and get the most out of your flight simulator.

How it all works.

Well its fairly simple. Basically you fly your aircraft in flight simulator, just as you normally would, but to fly in the Virtual Airline you will use the tracking client to collect your flight data. 

You will need to use one of our fleet aircraft for the client to work properly. You must also only depart from the airport at which it is currently parked. This information can be found here

You take off using the aircraft you have chosen and land at the scheduled airport. You finish your flight by applying the handbrake and all data is logged. Its that easy!

What else can I get out of this?

Well as I said already you will get free paints, and aircraft as well as a wealth of knowledge on Flight Simulator along with general aviation and computer knowledge. You are also welcome to share whatever knowledge you have with us here at RED. We want and value your input.


Please!! only follow these instructions if you intend to fly with our VA, using the tracking and recording system.

  1. Press the link, follow the instructions. [link]    
  2. Download the flight tracking software [link]
  3. IF you wish you can join our website as well 
  4. Its nice if you use the same name on the website as FSAirlines. Also I personally don't use my real name.
  5. ( it takes time for your application to be accepted )


Settings for the tracking client


  • Ok so if you followed the links and completed the sequence you should be a member of the virtual airline and have the flight tracker installed.
  • Open the tracking client then log in with the username you registerd with.
  • Then go to (opitons)
  • Tick use (simple fueling method)
  • Tick (play sounds)
  • make sure (flight monitor tracking) is ticked
  • And make sure (display text in flight simulator) is ticked.
  • now go onto the website, log in and go to your profile
  • Then press (Edit profile)
  • Go to where it says (Unit of weight) and change this to LBS, By default it is set to KG, you need it to be on pounds because you need to estimate your fuel and most of us use Feet/Pounds when flying.
  • Thats it, now go to the FLYING page of this website to start your first flight

If you have any problems in following these instructions you can ask via Teamspeak3, or the chat box located on the homepage, or you can send me an email.  We are here to help you with any problems no matter what they are.

You can fly in a multiplayer session or in Free flight mode.

You can use this system with either FSX or FS9

Things you need to know. user accounts:

You should only ever need a free account, however you can purchase a gold account if you so desire. Gold accounts provide a little more data statistics and has no advertisements on fsairlines. But as I stated you only need a free acount on fsairlines to fly with us, and all relevant data that may not be provided with your free account is posted on our own site in these pages.

  • Pilot stats
  • flights
  • fleet&routes

 Things you can do:

  • Pause your flight for any amount of time
  • Circle the destination Airport for any amount of time

Things you cant do:

  • Use slew
  • Refuel in flight. You do this only via the tracking client. The tracking client will fuel your plane in Flight simulator and load it as well. Do not change your fuel once your flight is active.

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